Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Animated Tiger Guan Yu

Wow, thank everyone who visited me at my booth at WonderCon 2012. Even though, this year the location was at Anaheim, there were still many supporters came to see my artworks. Here is the new print designed for this year WonderCon 2012. This is Animated Tiger Guan Yu關羽 from my new adapted story "Three Animal Kingdoms". The story is based on popular Chinese history, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". If you like to purchase this print, please e-mail me at artoftsai@gmail.com.


Dr. Ew Newman said...

I got this Tiger up in my cubicle at Warner Brothers now ;) Just following up and saying hello from Final Fantasy Football Land. Great meeting you at AX!

Robert Tsai said...

Hey Drew. Thank for your support. I have your print also hanged in the office. Let's keep in touch! If you have any question, e-mail me.

Cyril Miranda said...

Sir Robert! Iam Logarth, the one you played Magic with. Iam sorry to leave my message here... :D