Monday, December 5, 2011

New Animated German Shepherd

Thanks everyone who visited me at my booth in Long Beach Comic 2011 and CTN Animation Expo 2011. I really appreciate for all your supports. Here is the new print designed for CTN Animation Expo 2011. This Animated German Shepherd is newest designed addition for my animated dog series line. Hope you enjoy this print. If you like to purchase this print, please e-mail me at


Caricatures for Christ said...

What reference materials did you use for this?

Caricatures for Christ said...

I am working on illustrations and one of the main characters is a German Shepherd. So I am looking for reference materials to use. Any suggestions as far as books, websites, etc are gladly appreciated.

Robert Tsai said...

Hi, I simply use the references from google website for real German Shepherd pictures. You also need to know the anatomy of dog and how it performs when it is running, bending, sitting, or laying.